The work is about the space around us. I believe a landscape painter should paint and draw where they are, it is all on our doorstep. For over 30 years I have seen the Cityscape of south east London change from industrial to post-industrial. I have drawn and painted these changes, not as documentation but as the space we live in, looking back, much of the work has become an unintended record of places which no longer exist.

Drawing and painting a place is not just about external appearance. I find it strange how the structure of hard working towns, villages and countryside becomes the quaint and picturesque. I cannot forget the social history of a place although I still like the isolated and wild. John Berger asks where are we when we draw? For me the answer is everywhere, it is about being in the Landscape and the hope is that some of what is out there rubs off on the drawing to approach, perhaps, David Bomberg's "spirit of the mass."

The paintings relate to the drawings but the process is different. They change and move. You keep finding and losing them. The paint must find its own space; one form struggles with another to try and get back to the original idea, that first moment of perception that prompted the painting.
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